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Happy New Year, Dear Fitbit!

January 15, 2015

Happy New Year, Dear Fitbit!

Fitbit and I rang in 2015 in Dusseldorf, Germany!  What feels great after a traditional breakfast with 15 different breads and a rainbow assortment of 20 cured meats? A new year's Family Walk along the Rhine with the kiddos, Huzz, dog, cousins, and in-laws... I hit my 10,000 step buzz by noon - a great way to start the year!

During our holiday, I wore my Fitbit Flex every day, now that my studded Bezels & Bytes bracelet added to my outfit instead of detracting from it!  I wore it for a record 10 straight days! One day, dear Fitbit motivated me to grab an umbrella and go for a walk with the kids, despite the cold rain. We had just finished another German breakfast, a memorable one where my husband proudly presented a wreath of Mortadella sausage larger than a steering wheel (oh, German engineering!). The sad single dot on my tracker convinced me to get moving.

My daughter thought this walk in the rain, with her giant umbrella, striped tights, and pastel pink snow boots, was a fun adventure.  Her joy truly brightened up my day and reminded me to make every step with these little ones count!  Another resolution for 2015 - more walks with the family.... with fun fashion for all!  Cheers to a joyful, loving, and healthy 2015!  xoxo Alles Liebe, Melissa

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