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Trying To Get My Fitbit "Buzz"

January 18, 2015

Trying To Get My Fitbit "Buzz"

Confession (although if you know me, not surprising at all) I’m a little OCD. I set a goal and I make sure I get it done! I’ve set my alert on my Fitbit Flex to 12k steps a day. If it is late at night and I haven’t gotten that “buzz” yet I’ve been know to walk in circles until I get it done (or dizzy!) But on days when I plan it right I have some preferable ways so I don’t resort to last minute stepping.

MY MORNING RUN! By far the best option. Wake up, get my day started with a 3-3.5 mile run. Now it is just about getting those steps and being active and not about being the fastest I can be. I love that this quick morning run gets me to over 6k in steps. When I come home I find I make smarter choices about breakfast (or if I don’t, at least I feel less guilty!) Must have accessory: iPhone, headphones and music. I can’t run without it!

BOOTCAMP WITH FRIENDS! The bonus to this is 1) spending time talking and catching up with my friends and 2) walking to bootcamp in the park gets me an extra 3k in steps there and back. I find that I exercise my mouth as much as my muscles, but the next day I’m sore too so I know I work hard. And I love when my husband brings my daughter at the end to cheer me on. Makes doing ab exercises at the end so much more rewarding. Must have accessory: Lululemon yoga mat, resistance bands and S’well water bottle.

SOULCYCLE IS LIKE THERAPY! I love when I sit on that bike, work out to great music, and really push myself. The class might be filled, but I can really focus on doing my personal best and having fun in the dark room. And what a fun, motivating and positive place to sweat! Who would have thought that the girl who could hardly run a mile in elementary school would have so much fun exercising as an adult? Must have accessory: Nike capri pants and headband.

xo, Sarah


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