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Everyday Essentials: On-the-Go Edition

March 13, 2015

Everyday Essentials: On-the-Go Edition


I always love a peek inside handbags. 1) I want inspiration! Maybe they’ve found the perfect way to organize the essentials, or there is a new lip gloss I must try! 2) It is such a cool way to learn about a person. Do they always carry a snack? Or stickers to keep an almost 2 year old busy? Paper agenda or tech only?


On the Go

So here is a sneak peek inside with some of my essentials. Magazines! I love them all and read cover to cover. It feels like getting a present when a new magazine arrives in my mailbox. My MacBook Air for meetings on the go and working with Melissa at our favorite coffee shops. I use Sunrise for my calendar on my iPhone, but still love checking off a to-do list on post-it notes.


Beauty & Health

I love Dr. Jart Black Label Detox BB Beauty Balm great for full coverage all over or just a spot cover-up. Whenever I put this on I feel like my skin has been “photoshopped” but I still look like me and it doesn't feel like I'm caked in make-up. Rosebud Salve I’ve used for years. Love the subtle color and so easy to use. Emergen-C and Hand Sanitizer...trying my best to stay healthy on the go.


Odds and Ends

I got hooked on Serial Podcast and now I love checking out new Podcasts. I take my earphones in case I’m walking around and have 15 minutes to listen. My Bezels & Bytes bracelet with a Fitbit Flex-I want every #stylishstep to count. Whether I’m in heels or sneakers. 

So...what are your essentials? Beauty item that never comes out of the bag? Best tech for working on the go? Podcasts you love? 
Fashionably Yours,

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