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This (Working) Mom is Hands-Free!

August 03, 2015

This (Working) Mom is Hands-Free!

Above: Convertible Cell Phone Bag on my Mansur Gavriel Tote.

An organized girl is a happy girl!   But a connected, organized girl is even happier! Here is my latest organization tip that is de-cluttering my life, while all of sudden making the things I need right at my fingertips. 

Step 1: Get a big tote.  Throw it all in the tote. That’s how I start every day. My Mansur Gavriel Tote (love! pre-ordered via PS Dept) is basically my desk. It has my laptop, wallet, keys, cell phone, charger, etc. The complete black hole.

Step 2: Get a mini cell phone bag.  Why does the phone always seem to disappear in a large tote when it rings?!  Well, game over, little phone.  My new solution is to keep my phone handy in our Cell Phone Bag, which converts to an exterior pocket that hangs off the side of my tote.  Extra bonus: the cut out is perfect for peeking to see who is calling (and deciding if you need to answer!). And I love how I can add a touch of color to my all black wardrobe without feeling completely out of my element. I switch the color up all the time.

Step 3: Convert the cell phone bag to a cross-body, as needed.  This feature makes the bag the ultimate winner!  When I’m not using my tote and just need the essentials for daycare drop off, running errands, or pushing a swing, I can convert the bag into a cross-body bag by attaching its long strap.  Now this little gem of a bag can hold my cell phone, Amex, $20 emergency bill and Driver’s License, plus my keys on the clip.  Now I’m hands free to do other things like holding a glass of wine at the bar...or better yet, giving a great good-bye hug at daycare!

And for an office setting, when you find yourself wearing a great sheath dress or amazingly slimming pants with no pockets, you can still discretely wear the cross-body bag and look professional. A whole new way to accessorize.


xox, Sarah



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