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A style for every Fitbit

March 28, 2016

A style for every Fitbit

Being Fitbit obsessed we love to mix-up which style we wear and when. 

  • For everyday style I tend to wear the Charge HR. I love the call notifications and the ability to see my exact step count without going into the app. Dressing up my Charge HR with Charms allows me to switch up my style. Getting ready in the morning I select which Charm best accents my style for the day. (Of course I'm partial to a Stud and excited we are adding the Hematite Stud later this Summer!) Since many of my days take me from work to errands to workout and back to work the Charge HR with a Bezels & Bytes Charm is with me every *step* of the day.
  • I've just started wearing the Alta. I need to keep playing with the alerts (I don't need my wrist buzzing every 5 minutes...) but it has everything I love about the Charge HR but without the HR feature (which I don't feel I need all day.) The slimmer profile is a major bonus. And for everyone who has asked-YES! We will be dressing it up. Designing as we speak so let us know what you want to see. 
  • Flex is my go to style for when I really want to disguise my Fitbit. Bezels & Bytes has tons of options between Cuffs (my date night/dress-up favorite), leather band styles and the ID Bracelet which is great for work functions. I'm never bored wearing my Flex and I feel like my steps are being discretely and stylishly counted.
  • Fitbit One-going bold with our tassel necklace. The perfect style to wear with a boho Maxi dress. 

How do you wear? Tag your photos on social with #mybezelsandbytes because we love to repost your fabulous style!



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