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Guest post: Why is everyone so excited about HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)?

March 17, 2017

Guest post: Why is everyone so excited about HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)?

Burn, Baby, Burn! Check out how to optimize your workout to burn calories with tips from Margo Donohue, an inspiring fitness instructor based in Brooklyn NY and the creator of the fun Brooklyn Fit Chick blog.
As a fitness instructor, I try to keep on top of the fitness trends while keeping an eye out
for the science to back up any new movement or workout. In the 90s up to the 2000s all
of the fitness magazines talked about achieving a “fat burning zone” during your
workouts at a specific level is optimal for weight loss and maintaining your fitness level.

However, it turns out there is no such thing as a “fat-burning zone” and in fact, steady
state cardio, while feels very nice and satisfying in the moment, is detrimental to your
fitness goals. It’s better than not working out at all but not by very much.

Experienced athletes have long known the benefits of shorter workouts that aerobically
challenge your heartrate for a short burst of time followed by quick periods of rest will
efficiently train your heart rate, boost your metabolism, develop lean muscles better and
burn calories for hours after you are done. Win, win people!

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is not only better for your overall health it is also
easy to add into your workouts. If you have an Apple Watch or Fitbit Charge—you can
easily make this happen.

The key is to check your heart rate on your fitness tracker and note the numbers
between when you are in an aerobic state (moving but able to have a normal
conversation with the person next to you) and an anaerobic state (where you are
working at your maximum level and can barely breathe.)

After you record those numbers, you can now create your own workout you can do at
home, at the park, on the treadmill and on a stationary bike. Seriously—it is so easy!
The key is to work at your max level for one minute (say sprinting on the treadmill)
followed by two minutes of walking. Alternate this for 10 counts each and you have an
efficient HIIT workout. Done and done.

My personal favorite HIIT workouts that I can do anywhere (after a quick warmup):
  • Run in place for one minute//2 minutes jog or walk
  • Alternating lunges for one minute/2 minutes jog or walk
  • Burpees for one minute/2 minutes jog or walk
  • Tuck jumps for one minute/2 minutes jog or walk place
  • Pushups for one minutes/2 minutes jog or walk

Do two rounds of each and you have an effective, no equipment necessary workout that
will help you burn calories, strengthen your heart and not lose muscle mass. What’s
easier than that?




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