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Designing Cool Apple Watch Bands & Top 5 Watch Tips

November 09, 2016

Designing Cool Apple Watch Bands & Top 5 Watch Tips

Samples of our stylish watch bands for the Apple Watch Bands have arrived, and they are AMAZING. We can't wait to share more! As a sneak peek - you can see inspiration for our watch bands above - a favorite leather moto jacket, our quintessential studs, classic chain links with an edge...Sit tight! We'll have styles available for pre-sale by the end of November early January (updated 12/8/16 ...we're working on making them perfect for you!).

We are so excited to design bands for the Apple Watch. We love technology that makes our lives easier, and the Apple Watch wins the prize. Here's a list of our top 5 features...We hope this list helps you:

(1) Answer your husband's calls! Pleasantly!

You know those times you hear the phone ring, run around the house searching for your phone, throw everything out of your bag, then answer the phone annoyed it was just your husband asking a 1-second question? Well, you can actually answer those calls and speak through the Apple Watch ON YOUR WRIST, just like Knight Rider! But you'll sound like the totally pleasant, composed woman you are. Your iPhone just needs to be within 30 feet. This feature is also great when you don't want to yell at your husband from another room in the home...just call him on your wrist!

If you're looking for your phone, you can push the "find my phone" button on the watch and hear your phone beep. This feature should be renamed to "Phone & Sanity Found!"

(2) Pay with a wave of the hand. 

We use Apple Pay on our watch to quickly pay for a cart full of groceries at Whole Foods.  No more searching for our wallet or our phone, just double click the side button on the watch to pull up your wallet. Boom.

(3) Receive text messages from family 

Quick glances at text messages arriving at our wrist brighten our day during the longest meetings. (Oh wait, for Sarah & Melissa, that means meetings with each other! Busted.)

(4) Receive calendar reminders 

We love quick & discrete nudges for calendar reminders to keep us on track. We can get lost working in the zone, and trust our Apple Watch to buzz us when it's time to pick up the kiddos from school, or when it's time for our favorite fitness class.

The Watch will also show you your next appointment. This was awesome when I was driving at home, and the watch reminded me I was on preschool snack duty the following day. It was an easy detour to the market before home...thank you, Apple Watch!  Plus, it also reminded me to prepare for the very important "wear brown to school day".


(5) Parenting 

When Sarah tells her daughter it's time to go to bed, Sarah's daughter asks "Mom, can you tell Siri 5 more minutes?". Yeah, the timer is a fantastic parenting tool.

OK, we lied...we have way more than 5 tips! Here are just 2 more we couldn't hold back on...

(6) Tracking a workout. Sarah's first visit to Barry's Bootcamp (thanks, Melissa) kicked her butt. Thankfully, by using the Workout app, Sarah could see and save those results and metrics (and start thinking about dessert to celebrate because, balance). 

fitness app on apple watch


(7) Untether from your phone and be more present. Having an Apple Watch has been a breath of freedom from our phones. No more clutching your phone - just put it away! Uber notifications, text messages, important phone calls...they all arrive at your wrist. Plus your can quickly REPLY with a canned response like "OK" or if you speak emoji, reply with a happy face. We find ourselves checking our phone way less often and trust our Apple Watch like a personal assistant.

apple watch text message

Have a tip to share? Comment below and let us know!

We love our Apple watches and are taking it to the next level with cool, stylish Apple watch bands...Soon you'll be able to have fun with your bands AND style them to match your mood and event. You'll be a super productive machine and oh so stylish! 

More pics soon, we promise! xoxo

Melissa & Sarah

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