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Tips for your Apple Watch :: Fitness Edition

March 14, 2017

Tips for your Apple Watch :: Fitness Edition

We keep hearing "I love your Apple Watch Bands! Now I can finally get an Apple Watch to keep fit." YES! That makes our day knowing Bezels & Bytes is helping stylish women get healthy. Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your Apple Watch for fitness, health and wellness:

Activity Rings: Those fun colorful circles you see everywhere? They will keep you motivated beyond tracking steps with three targets: Stand, Move, and Exercise. Apple Watch does not like you sitting...move for 1 minute every hour to reach your blue Stand goal (inner circle.) The watch will nudge you at 50 minutes past the hour to stand. If you're feeling ambitious, do something strenuous like one minute of Burpees, which will also help you with your Move goal (red ring.)

activity rings          

Now to the Move goal...this is tricky as the target adjusts according to your daily averages. What is really cool about the Activity Rings is that they are unique to you - they will keep motivating you to do more. Hitting steps isn't as important as pushing yourself to be active and burn calories. The green Exercise ring is based on 30 minutes of exercise per day (or whatever you set your goal to be), but don't be afraid...a brisk walk counts and that can be part of a good shopping trip or choosing the longer route to run an errand.

Pick a watch face that keep those circles visible and take the time to set up the Watch app on the watch app on your phone for reminders and goals. Set a reminder every few hours, so you can keep track during the day.

Earning badges is super rewarding and feels like an accomplishment. You'll feel great when you #closeyourrings...for days, then weeks, in a row!

apple activity badges 

Connect with Friends: We all know we're more accountable when someone is watching! Connect with friends on the watch, check in on activity rings and workouts, and stay motivated together.  Does this idea make you cringe? Then, this feature might just be what you need! Make it more fun by creating a friendly challenge over a few weeks or a month, and don't forget to create a reward for the winners.

Workout App: When you start a workout, you can track it on the watch with the quick start mode to get more insights.Even easier, ask Siri to track your workout. Don't worry, if you forget to turn on the app, most of your daily activity will be counted, however this app will give you more insights. Since the watch uses multi-dimensional movement to track activity, you will definitely want to turn it on when your hands are stationary (e.g. pushing a stroller or on a bike). Turning on the workout app turns on the heart rate monitor continuously, which is particularly helpful if you use a fitness app with a guide. At Soulcycle, I can still track my workout and challenge myself to work harder than my last class. If you're out for a power walk and run into friends, it's easy to pause the workout and then jump back into it.

 apple watch workout tracking

Nike+ Run Club App: Even without the Nike+ Apple Watch you can still use the Nike app. You can get all the coaching and training you need. The watch can be your "your perfect running partner - on your wrist." At each mile, you can be updated with an audio message of your distance and pace. Pick from a variety of free plans such as Get Started (4 week plan) or Get More (8 week plan). I love it to track my running, monitor the breakout of pacing, and see the easy-to-read face on my watch as I run. Update 5/16/17 - Our customers are reporting some problems with their Nike+ Run app. Here's an article to help you troubleshoot! 

Sworkit App: This has become my go-to for days I can't get to the gym and haven't gone for a run. By using the Activity Rings, I'll see how many more exercise minutes I need and then do a Sworkit workout for that amount of time. The Sworkit app is free, so go for it! You select the type of workout you need (there is even a Sephora curated workout to get you glowing) and the length of time you want to exercise. The app guides you through 30 second intervals with breaks spaced throughout the workout. The short videos show you how to do the exercise. I love how many calories I burn during and after the workout. It has really helped me close those Activity Rings at home...No excuses!

sworkit app          

Theater Mode: Looking to stay zen moving from Warrior 2 to a Sun Salutation? Theater mode not only dims the screen, but it also prevents the screen from lighting up every time you turn your wrist.

And when I need a moment...

Breathe App: 1 minute to breathe deep. Even I, a total Type A and always doing at least 3 things at once, can take just 1 minute to clear my head. 10 minutes and I'd never do it, but 60 seconds I can handle. I love the calming flower and haptic reminder so I can close my eyes. Ahhh...

We also love this article from Self.com on how to make sure you're getting proper "credit" for your activity.

Do you have any Apple Watch Health & Wellness Tips? What tips do you want to see next from us? We want to hear! 

Fashionably yours,

xo Sarah

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