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Stay Motivated with your Fitbit! Tips for the Fashionista

August 01, 2016

Stay Motivated with your Fitbit! Tips for the Fashionista

Losing motivation with your Fitbit? Read these tips & tricks for the Fashionista and get re-energized!

1) Have you heard the 14,000 step Hollywood secret? Harley Pasternak, celebrity trainer to the stars, says the secret to some of Hollywood's best bodies is WALKING. He makes his clients wear a tracker with the goal of 14,000 steps a day. He recommends 10,000 steps per day to maintain your weight, and 14,000 steps per day to lose weight. Embrace this new goal and see if it works for you! You'll be walking it out with other A-listers, including Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian, Hilary Duff, and Jordana Brewster. 

2) Switch out your Fitbit style. Create an arm party with Fitbit jewelry from Bezels & Bytes, and have fun with your Fitbit. Many of our customers have a range of colors and silhouettes to keep them excited to wear their Fitbit for different events. Switch colors match your outfits, or switch from the basketweave leather bracelet at work to the cuff bracelet for a wedding. Tired of wearing a bracelet? Check out our Fitbit stud pendant and free your hands!

fitbit braceletfitbit bracelet

3) Invest in comfortable, stylish flats.  We are loving this year's lace up flat (shown below). In general, we love J.Crew for on-trend, high quality flat shoes.   Start each season picking 1-2 great flats and then design all your outfits around them. You'll find yourself opting for the longer route when it's comfortable and stylish in flats you love!

fitbit bracelet

4) Walk it out with a friend. It's hard to find time for 10,000-14,000 steps a day! Kill two birds with one stone by catching up with a friend on a good long walk. Time will fly, and you'll have more fun. Make a date with a friend for a "walk & talk" happy hour, and stick to it by putting it on your calendars. 

5) Find a buddy for a challenge. And a reward. Connect with a friend on your Fitbit dashboard, and design a challenge that is a bit of a reach but still achievable given your week's schedule. Pick a reward and keep each other accountable.  We love getting a prize if you win OR if you hit your goal.  One of the benefits of having a styled Bezels & Bytes Fitbit is every time you look at your wrist, it's a reminder to invest in yourself, you are awesome, and that you deserve a treat!

fitbit treat


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