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Survive the Holidays with your favorite tech accessories

November 21, 2016

Survive the Holidays with your favorite tech accessories

Thanksgiving is here! That might mean family gatherings (feeling a little nervous that a political debate might brew?), too much pumpkin pie or a shopping list that you feel like you'll never accomplish before the end of December (especially if you've added a few treats to yourself on the list.) Here are some tech accessory tips to help you survive.

Take #stylishsteps

Keep moving! Just because you are out of your regular routine make sure you get lots of steps in. When the conversation gets heated this is a great time to either go for a run or suggest a group walk and a change in topic. Especially if you are away from home this is a fun way to explore a different area. And if you are wearing a Fitbit and have Bezels & Bytes jewelry then you can seamlessly go from holiday party style to a fresh air walk without having to change your accessories. You'll be tracking your steps the whole time.

Use apps to organize your shopping list

You can use the notepad app, Evernote, Wunderlist, Toodledo etc. to jot down a list throughout the year of ideas for your loved ones. I'm constantly shopping via the Amazon app and love knowing that with Prime it will be on my doorstep in another day or two. Use Pinterest to create a wish list so everyone can see what treats you love.

Don't forget...

Headphones for the noisy plane, train or when you want to block out everything. Listen to podcasts (check out our episode of Spirit of 608 or a new favorite Unstyled from Refinery 29.) A back-up charger for when you are low on juice and our Convertible Cell Phone Bag so you can keep your phone handy without having to sift through your bag. 

Just Breathe

Use the Apple Watch Breathe app to remind yourself to take a deep breath and enjoy the holidays. Jay Blahnik, Apple's Director of Fitness for Health Technologies, says that just 1 minute can help. And can't we all use 1 minute to just breathe?!!


Happy Thanksgiving!


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