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Which Apple Watch to get?

November 18, 2017

Which Apple Watch to get?

Considering getting an Apple Watch for the holidays....Gold, Silver, Space Gray...? Here are some things to consider if you want to dress up your Appel Watch with Bezels & Bytes bands....get ready to transform your tech into a stylish accessory!

(1)  The 'Gold' Apple Watch varies between yellow gold and rose gold. More recently purchased gold Apple Watches look more rose gold and match better with our rose gold bands. 

Gold apple watch accessories

(2) Want to mix up your metals or match other jewelry? Some of our customers are opting for the Space Gray Apple Watch, so they can wear silver, gold, or rose gold. Here is how the space gray looks with some of our bands:


cool apple watch bandstylish cool apple watch bands

Shown from left to right:  Chunky Chain Band ($78), Studded Leather Band ($88), Chainlink & Leather Band ($98)


(3) Apple Watch colors vary...If you'd like the watch to match the connecting lug and a  metal band almost seamlessly, consider purchasing the silver aluminum Apple Watch or silver stainless steel Apple Watch to match with our Bezels & Bytes silver watch bands. 

stylish womens chainlink apple watch band

cool apple watch band for women


We're working on more bands to dress up your Apple Watch and transform your tech...stay tuned for more goodies!



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