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Which Apple Watch Band to get?

September 13, 2018

Which Apple Watch Band to get?

Good news! Our Apple Watch bands fit *ALL* Apple Watch versions, including the new Apple Watch Series 4 released in September 2018!  So you can dress up your watch with stylish, high quality Bezels & Bytes bands if you have an Apple Nike edition, Apple Watch Series 1/2/3, Apple Watch Hermes, etc...And if you want to upgrade your existing watch, you can still use your favorite Bezels & Bytes bands with your new Series 4.

apple watch series 4 hermes

The trickier question is if you should get a gold or rose gold Bezels & Bytes band to dress up your watch. Apple Watch "gold" has varied with time with the level of pinkness. Here are our recommendations:

Apple Watch Series 3/4 Gold Aluminum --> Bezels & Bytes Rose Gold Bands

Apple Watch Series 4 Gold Stainless Steel --> Bezels & Bytes Gold or Rose Gold Bands

Below is a comparison of the gold aluminum Apple Watch Series 4, compared to the gold stainless steel Series 4. You can see that the gold aluminum has a pinker tint than the stainless steel gold.

apple watch gold or rose gold

If you only wear yellow gold, then go for the Apple Watch Series 4 Gold Stainless Steel which costs more (but will match with your existing gold jewelry...we can rationalize everything as an investment, right?).  The Gold Aluminum starts at $399 and the Gold Stainless Steel at $699.

Update 9/21/2018: Here are our watch bands on the Series 4 Apple Watches! The Apple Watch is beautiful on its own...but our bands transform your Apple Watch into a stunning piece of jewelry.


Our rose gold bands match perfectly with the "gold aluminum S4 Apple Watch".  



Gold lovers rejoice!!! Apple hasn't made a yellow gold since the Series 1. Now with the Series 4 Stainless Steel Gold option, you can easily match your gold jewelry to the watch!  The watch has a browner tint than our yellow gold bands, but they look good together if you are a fan of gold and trying to match other yellow gold jewelry. 


gold Series 4 apple watch


The gold stainless steel Apple Watch Series 4 also looks good with our rose gold band.

 apple watch series 4 works with both gold and rose gold


Now the only tough question is which band(s) you'd like to style your watch....Happy Shopping! 

apple watch series 4 color options

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