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One year since launch

April 19, 2016

Dear Friends, 

It's been one year since we started shipping our bracelets for the Fitbit! Today, we celebrate with an incredible base of customers and exciting press from style editors. We didn't do this alone...Thanks to generous friends, particularly fellow female entrepreneurs, who went above and beyond to introduce us to partners and editors.  And thanks to wonderful customers who told their friends about us, provided feedback, and came back for more Bezels & Bytes. Some of you have a full wardrobe of bracelets for your Fitbit from us, in every possible color and style. We are honored! Below are some highlights from our first year. Enjoy...and THANK YOU!!! 

From design sketch to our Indiegogo campaign!  Being featured in Refinery29 on Day 2 of our Indiegogo campaign helped tremendously...The article was syndicated onto MSN's homepage! During the campaign, we were also featured in Pop Sugar, Well & Good, Racked SF & NY, and Paste. The picture above is the actual text message between Saran & I when we hit 50% of our goal. Happy dance, indeed! The campaign successfully raised over $26,000 to fund our first production run.

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