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Cool Mom Tech

May 15, 2016

Cool Mom Tech

We love the Cool Mom sites and were so excited to be featured on this wonderfully curated site! 

Excerpt from Cool Mom Kristen below, or read the full article here.


Your Fitbit just got a whole lot more stylish

One of the reasons I actually stopped wearing my Fitbit was that I would get dressed up to go out and I didn’t love how the band looked with my snazzy outfit. So, I’d take it off and then not put it back on. I know, I know, vain and lazy much, Kristen? Well, since discovering the Bezels and Bytes Fitbit jewelry, I can’t wait to get that Fitbit back on my wrist and keep it there.

These gorgeous bracelets actually hold your Fitbit Flex (also available for Fitbit Charge) in an incredibly stylish way. I mean, considering I’d happily wear these pieces on their own, I’d say they’re a huge step up from the plain plastic band.