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Well + Good

February 08, 2015

Well + Good

During our Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for our first production run, Well & Good included our stud bracelet in their round-up of stylish wearables.  We love being part of the "fitness arm party"! See the article here.



Excerpt below: 

It’s no secret that in the past few months, the market for fitness and activity trackers has exploded (despite whether or not you know what to do with all of that data).

And just like the moment when cell phone cases started to evolve from basic black plastic to statement pieces, designers—from big names like Tory Burch to new indie houses—are now creating covers for your Fitbit, Vivofit, and Misfit that take it from functional apparatus to fashionable accessory.

“Most [wearables] are big and clunky—and are more fitting for men than women,” says Mashable senior tech correspondent Samantha Murphy Kelly. “A lot of companies now are trying to slim them down and make accessories that disguise what they really are.” Lest your friends mock your 10,000-step obsession…

Click on to see four design collaborations that are leading the way when it comes to stylish wearables. You’re invited to the fitness arm party. —Jamie McKillop